RE: What is difference between SMS and MMS?

What is difference between text message or SMS and Multimedia message or MMS?

mu Brong Asked on January 15, 2018 in Mobile Phone.
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SMS (Short Message Service)

SMS is the short form of Short Message Service and it stands for Short Message Service and is also commonly referred to as a “text message”. With a SMS, one can send a message of up to 160 characters to another device. Longer messages will automatically be split up into several parts. All kinds of cell phones support this type of text messaging.

MMS  (Multimedia Messaging Service)

MMS is the short form of Multimedia Messaging Service and it stands for Multimedia Messaging Service and with this type of text messaging is an evolution of the SMS. With a MMS, one can send a message including pictures, video, or audio content to another device. It is most commonly used to send a photo taken with a camera phone to another phone. Most new cell phones with multimedia capabilities support MMS.

Silver Answered on January 15, 2018.
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