RE: What is the meaning of beautiful in Bengali word ?

What is the meaning of beautiful in Bengali word ?

jacob marten Brong Asked on March 3, 2018 in Language.
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In Bengali, the meaning of the word “Beautiful” is  given below- thanks for your questions –

সুন্দর – beautiful, pretty, fine, polished, fairy, fair

চমত্কার – pretty, fantastic, excellent, gorgeous, superb, spanking

উত্তম – better, best, fine, excellent, beautiful, delicious

সুদৃশ্য – lovely, beautiful

অত্যন্ত সুন্দর – beautiful, celestial

চারু – charming, beautiful, fine, pleasant, polite

উত্কৃষ্ট – classy, nailing, elevated, excellent, humane, beautiful

রম্য – delightful, beautiful

সুশ্রী – comely, handsome, beautiful

রমণীয় – delightful, beautiful, kind, kindly

সসুন্দর  – beautiful, sheen

মঁজু – beautiful, graceful, pleasant

সুকুমার – tender, beautiful, graceful

রুপবান্ – handsome, beautiful

সুতনু – graceful, handsome, beautiful

ঠাম – chic, beautiful, elegant, good-looking

সুরূপ – personable, handsome, beautiful

ললিত – suave, bijou, beautiful, pleasant

সুঠাম  beautiful, well-shaped

কম্র – desirous, lustful, desirable, attractive, charming, beautiful

অভিরাম – entertaining, pleasing, pleasant, beautiful, handsome

অনিন্দিত – beautiful

উষসী – beautiful

শ্রেষ্ঠ – best, greatest, ideal, picked, grand, chief

মনোহর – charming, alluring, engrossing, attractive, catching, beautiful

সৌম্য – majestic, beautiful

সৌষ্ঠবপূর্ণ – beautiful, elegant

সুশোভন – colorful, adorned, beautiful, colourful

শোভাময় – graceful, beautiful

শোভন – decent, polished, fitting, graceful, beautiful, lovely

সর্বোত্তম – best, classic, foremost, beautiful


Brong Answered on March 3, 2018.
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