RE: When should I start shopping for my bridal dress

Although its a big day but responsibility could be increase too which makes me confused …

aleenamehar Default Asked on July 25, 2017 in Cloth.
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Great questions. Actually, it depends on your area (I mean local environment) personality, poor or reaches, religious value and mentality.

I’m trying to explain the details:
I have said, shopping bridal dress depends on poor or reaches why?
A poor mans have wished to buy a luxury dress for his wife or for himself but he has no capacity to buy.

I have said, shopping bridal dress depends on your area (I mean local environment) personality, religious value and mentality.  As for example, A reach man of  Asudi Arob’s dress and A reach man of  US’s dress is not same. Because a person of Asudi Arob’s mentality environment, religion, colour, is not same as the people of US or UK. For this, their bridal dress is not same even in thinking.

I have also noticed that love expressions, sexual activities and marriage systems are not same. In  USA, Love, Free mixing, is not a problem but in Saudi Arab, This kind of activities are strongly prohibited.

There are many areas where people take preparation for marriage more than 12 months ago and In some areas, people take preparation from 1 month ago. they buy their bridal dress 2 or 3 days ago of their marriage.

By regarding this, I think, You should start shopping for your bridal dress when your mind says. there is no schedule for buying a bridal dress. You can take help of your friend for choosing your dress. But, Now a days, It is very easy to choose dress without going a shop. you can choose your dress from your home by sitting on your computer or laptop form website. is a famous website address from where you can choose and buy your bridal dress.  Click here to choose and buy your Bridal Dress

Brong Answered on July 29, 2017.
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