RE: Why all games are going online now? Should we play online game?

At first we get games CD, DVD. But now a days all games are going online, why?
Why all games are going online  now?  Is it safe for computers data security?

M Henry Brong Asked on February 14, 2017 in Games & Sports.
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2 Answers

Since the arrival of internet, we have seen a gradual shift of many things to online, for example, the regular mail has been replaced electronic mail (email).  Like other things, gaming world also experienced the same shift to online.

Since it is the easiest way to access from anywhere, even when you are sitting in the park, gamers are more inclined to playing games online, In addition, online gaming portal keep us updated with the latest gaming news and happenings. If you are more into keeping the data stored physically, you can still get the game CDs. It is just how you prefer to access data.

Default Answered on May 2, 2018.
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