RE: Why can’t applications be developed on mobile phones?

I don’t know anything about this mobile phones applications be development. So I need to know about this in details. Please, someone helps me.

Why can’t applications be developed on mobile phones?
jamiemariah Default Asked on May 30, 2017 in Mobile Phone.
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Thanks for your questions. I think this questions ” Why can’t applications be developed on mobile phones?” is very important for all like yours.Here I’m trying to give your answers in brief.

Theoretically they could, but there is a number of problems.
The big problem is the lack of a keyboard. Yes you have a soft keyboard on most mobile devices, and a few have a hardware keyboard, but think about the effort necessary to type even one page of text on a mobile device compared to a normal computer.
Screen space – While developing applications, being able to see more at one time makes the process more efficient (especially if half of that screen space is taken up by the soft keyboard).
A related problem is that you probably will be wanting to look some things up on the web while solving some of your problems – Uses up more screen space.
Testing – Ideally you would like to test your completed app on a wide variety of devices. If you develop on the device, you will still have to copy it to other devices, or have emulators on your device.
Speed – Most mobile devices are designed to use battery efficiently, and mobile devices tend to have slower CPUs than desktops (As an example, a sort that takes about 5 seconds on my PC takes over 36 seconds on my mobile phone).
Storage – Mobile phones tend to have 8–200 GB of storage (depending on the device and SD card) while my PC has over 400 GB. Given that my Android Studio folder is over 46 GB, a mobile device would be limited.
Software – I am not aware of any development environments that run on mobile devices, but this is mostly due to the other problems listed above.

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Brong Answered on June 8, 2017.
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