How can I keep track of the unusual stuff that I use rarely?

I have so many things that I use rarely. So, sometimes I forget, which things I have! So I want to keep a record of all those things so that I can stop buying duplicates!

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A good decoration can solve your problem. if you can decorate all the things in your house in such a way that you will get all your useful things easily then you do not need to buy duplicate more.

Hope you are clear now what I want to say.


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Hi Nidhi! First of all to get the unusual stuff is very necessary. Because sometimes what happens that we dont get our unusual stuff.  I also had the same problem. To overcome this problem, I tried to find a lot of solutions.  And I found an interesting tool named ” My stuff Organizer: for Personal Stuff Organizer” that track my all kind of stuff.

My Stuff Organizer allows you to add stuff details with its photo, price, purchase date, location, people, currency, warranty details, a brief description of stuff, etc.  By adding these stuff details you can track how much unusual stuff you have and which are necessary for you to buy new.
It will send you a notification reminder also of your stuff warranty. You can also do backup and restore all your stuff data through a personal account. Even- though you can share your stuff to loved ones to whom you want to share.

Through this stuff complete package app, you can track all your unusual stuff.

RE: How can I keep track of the unusual stuff that I use rarely?

Default Answered on May 6, 2019.
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