How to Hard factory Reset SKK B2 Mobile Phone?

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Hi, Thanks for your questions.  Please read this tutorial and follow this tutorial step by step to reset your SKK A13.  you don’t need any cable or software For resetting.  SKK A13 too many attempts pattern.. 100% DONE in Hard reset 🙂 no box & computer needed, just follow the steps below

Step1: power off unit
Step 2. press power button+volume down+menu key
Step 3. phone logo & exlamation mark appears
Step 4. press volume up
Step 5. to select navigate volume up&down
Step 6. select wipe all data then press power button
Step 7. navigate volume down. select delete all data user then press power button
Step 8. to reboot press power button for the last time… ^_^

If you have anto questions questions, Jusr aks instruction

Brong Answered on May 7, 2017.
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