What are the Things to Check Before Booking a Hotel?

Compare rates, Check reviews, Be Friendly, Check the Mini-Bar, Call the hotel.

What are the Things to Check Before Booking a Hotel?

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These are Top-15 Things to Do Before Booking Your Hotel Room

  • 1. Compare rates
  • 2. Check reviews
  • 3. Check independent hotels
  • 4. Call the hotel
  • 5. Remember the check-In time
  • 6. Be Friendly
  • 7. Disable Long-Distance Calling
  • 8. Ask the bellman
  • 9. Inspect your room
  • 10. Check the Mini-Bar
  • 11. Steer clear of unclean hotel room accessories
  • 12. Watch for fake calls
  • 13. Tip the cleaning staff
  • 14. Avoid continental breakfasts
  • 15. Postpone, then cancel

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These are some of the main things that you should focus on while booking a hotel.

  • Do check the exact hotel location.
  • Do check the official hotel review site.
  • Check the available services and packages.
  • Compare the rates.
  • Ask for the better rates.

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