RE: How Can I Get Approve With Maxbounty CPA Network?

Hello Friends,
I want to sign up as a publisher with maxbounty cpa network but my problem when filling publisher application form is
1. Describe your past experience in affiliate marketing.
2. How do you currently promote offers?
3. What offer(s) are you looking for?

Please I need someone to help me answer question 1 and 3 and I will be greatful if positive response is given to me.

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3 Answers

I agree that honesty is always the best policy when applying for networks. If you are having problems getting accepted by a specific company, try doing a little research for more newbie friendly networks – there are a few out there that are much more relaxed than the others when it comes to the application process, and they still have good offers.

Once you get a little more familiar with CPA and how to successfully market the offers, you’ll have no problem answering those questions or getting accepted to any network you like!

Good luck!

Silver Answered on March 7, 2018.
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