RE: How do I hire someone to make my app for me without letting the person steal my idea?

I’m new in android app development. I don’t know anything about android app development. So I need to know about this in details. Please some one help me.

 How do I hire someone to make my app for me without letting the person steal my idea?
jamiemariah Default Asked on May 29, 2017 in Mobile Phone.
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Thanks for your questions. I think this questions ” How do I hire someone to make my app for me without letting the person steal my idea?” is very important for all like yours.Here I’m trying to give your answers in brief.

First of all, kudos to you for wanting to see out your vision for a great product this early in the game! Goodness knows what I was up to at 17. Certainly wasn’t app-building. Well done. That said, I echo what a few others have said: while you’re still young, it’s a great idea to start familiarizing yourself with some basic coding skills, specifically in the app-building realm. The reason is pretty simple. The more familiarity you have with the necessary coding skills, the fuller understanding you’ll have of your own app and how it works on a structural and functional level. Then, if something fishy is going on, you can catch it, and maybe even fix it yourself.

That said, not all of us are master app builders. Maybe you’re more of an “ideas” person, and that’s fine. There’s a whole world out there of freelance coders and developers ready to help you build your app. Is there a totally 100% foolproof way to assure they won’t try to lift your ideas? No, probably not. Sometimes you just have to trust people. But there are some great freelance services out there who screen their developers and usually offer some kind of quality and protection guarantees, so you can hire without getting too paranoid about your developers running away with your ideas.

One such service is Upwork, a mashup of Elance and oDesk. This freelance marketplace allows you to post your job on their website, and developers with the skills necessary to complete your task will apply for an interview. While Upwork doesn’t necessarily have an intense screening process on their own end, there is a pretty solid rating system on the site that gives you an idea of that programmer’s past performances. Upwork also has a feature called the Work Diary, which takes a snapshot of your programmer’s screen every ten minutes while he or she is on the job. This is their way of assuring that the developer is not up to any funny business while working for you.

Another great service for assuring quality app-building work is Toptal (full disclosure: I work there). Similar to Upwork, Toptal is a marketplace of freelance engineers and designers. One key difference between the two, though, is Toptal’s vetting process. Whereas Upwork is a fairly wide open marketplace, Toptal only lets engineers and designers into their network after they’ve passed a very rigorous series of screening tests. This means people within Toptal have met and vetted these candidates, assuring quality work and integrity in the process before you even start hiring. Toptal also has a matching team who will work personally with you during the hiring process, so they can pair you up with a developer whose skills and personality match the needs of your project perfectly. This personal touch to the matching process means Toptal thinks very highly of their developers, and that includes their integrity. And, even if you don’t hire from Toptal, they offer handy hiring guides that walk you through the best way to nail down the ideal candidate for your job, so you know what to watch out for during the interview process.

So, is there a way to perfectly prevent intellectual theft? I suppose not. On one hand, it helps to be super-aware all the time, and to have some level of understanding of your own product, on a structural level. On another hand, sometimes you just have to use the honor system. From there, it’s a good idea to use these services above that vouch for their programmers and assure a good level of trust and quality. Happy hiring!

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Brong Answered on June 8, 2017.
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