RE: How to make a client trust me without any review on my profile?

I am new to the freelancing market place. I have create an account in, upwork and some other market place. As I’m new I do not have any review.  So my client cannot trust me that I can do work. Now I want some reviews to get  work, what should I do to attract clients?

How to make a client trust me without any review on my profile?

Please give me answers.

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Thanks for your questions“How to make a client trust me without any review on my profile?” I think this questions employees for a restaurant is very important for all like yours.
Here I’m trying to give your answers in brief.

The best way to earn clients’ trust without reviews is to be honest, especially about your qualifications. Note that there are many jokers masquerading as experts in different fields and yet they have no idea what some of these fields entail. Believe in yourself; if you truly have what it takes, tell the client.

Ensure that your profile is complete; that is like your resume online. Most employers scrutinize clients’ profiles before even contacting them. You don’t have to wait for reviews to showcase your work. Create a portfolio, and share it whenever you bid on projects. Ideally, create a personal website; you don’t have to be an IT guru to do that – use a free platform such as WordPress or Blogspot. You can then share this link with clients. Showcasing your previous projects will indeed convince the employer that you qualify for the job at hand. If you would like to take your seriousness to the next level, offer yourself for a trial or test project or interview. Don’t be lazy; committed freelancers will leave nothing to chance.

Remember, there are hundreds of other qualified freelancers bidding, you have to outsmart them at all levels to be considered. Remain professional in your conversations with clients and show that you understand their requirements.

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Brong Answered on May 14, 2017.
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