RE: What is Tense?

What is Tense?
Why we need to learn tense?
I want to know details about tense. please help.

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Tense is very important for learn English. It is impossible to learn English without tense. So every student should learn tense very well. In this complete lesson I shall discuss with you about tense in details from basic to advance. Many weak student cannot realized easily. So I shall try to discuss how to learn tense easily. So read every lesson of tense and learn tense easily.
Before learning tense, students should be able to:

We shall discuss in details from the next lesson Inshallah only for you. Please continue to read…

What is tense?
Definition of tense:
The word ‘Tense’ comes from Latin word tempus which means “time”. So Tense means time. The tense is used to indicating the time of an action or being. or, Tense is the form of a verb which shows the time of an action Present, Past and Future indicated by the verb.
In a word, Tense denotes the time of a verb.

Read more details about tense:

Classification of tense: there are three main Tenses
1. The Present
2. The Past
3. The Future

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