Easy Tweaks to stop Windows 10 lag problem

Easy Tweaks to stop Windows 10 lag problem

You must be hereafter being annoyed by Windows lagging tired of refreshing or rebooting the system but nothing works. Programs or games must be taking ages to load, a flickering screen, Windows error message popping up, software, RAM, CPU, or everything is just slow and slow. There can be both software and hardware-related issues causing lags. For hardware-related issues, it can be an overheating system or an external device’s faulty connection. For software-related issues, it can be installed games or programs, viruses, and most importantly outdated drivers. Download Driver Updater to resolve driver issues. There can be non-updated operating system or network issues too but it is important to get the Best Driver Updater Software.

Talking about what causes Windows lags, the list just goes on so let’s move on to its solutions and what can be done in several cases:

Corrupted or insufficient RAM-

Corrupted or not enough RAM might have AN influence on systems performance, let your PC restart at random, cause a blue screen, etc. Also, if RAM is broken or corrupted, the system memory will not be able to handle processes and services as required. This leads our system to lag. To fix some RAM-related issues, restart your PC. Uninstall or disable heavy programs, use lighter apps, scan for malware and install more RAM, if you have money and space.

Update Drivers-

Device drivers can be one of the major reasons for slow system performance. With time drivers get outdated or corrupted and need an update. It not only boosts the performance but also increases the lifespan of the system. There is an inbuilt feature in Windows 10 to update drivers. Follow the steps mentioned below to update the drivers in Windows PC:

  • Open Start and type search for the device manager
  • Spot the device adapters and under that select the device
  • After choosing the device click on update driver
  • Another little window will open up click on search automatically for driver updater software
  • It will scan and update the drives on your computer

After the process is successfully completed, restart your computer for effective results. This feature helps but for more accurate results to update the Device driver install Bit driver updater. This application comes with many interesting features and will solve many issues at once in no time.

Here are some features of the Bit driver updater and why you should install it:

  • Quick and complete system scan – This application will run a complete scan and show results in just a few seconds
  • Saves time and efficiency – After the scan it allows you to update all the broken drivers in a single click which will save you a lot of time
  • Back up before update – Before updating your drivers it lets you back up your data to avoid the risk of data being lost in the process.

How to use Bit Driver Updater?

  • Download and install the app from the web to update drivers
  • After installation is done launch the app on your desktop
  • You will see a scanning option, click on it
  • It will scan all show the list of all the drivers that need to be updated if any
  • Click on update driver on the right side of the driver you need to update
  • Follow further screen instructions and it will start updating
  • After the update finishes, restart your computer
  • To update all the drivers at once upgrade to premium pro and get complete use of the app

Scan for Malware-

Most of the time lags also are caused due by viruses in our computer. Viruses and malware sometimes install programs on your PC and those programs run in the background. These programs use the resources of your PC  and also your internet resources particularly if they’re sending vital information back to the attacker. If your net is also usually slow as well then that’s a good indicator that you simply want a proper machine scan for malware and definitely security reasons. Open your Antivirus program to perform a deep scan of your system and improve privacy. Don’t perform a fast scan as that isn’t as reliable and efficient as a deep scan. Or you can simply go to the settings, click on Update and security, and open Windows security. Then click on Virus and Threat protection and then Quick Scan option to perform a quick scan for malware. The results will be displayed once done.

Increase Page File Size-

While running applications or exploiting any system services on the PC, the operating system really creates some tiny cache files on the disk temporarily to form certain that it doesn’t have to be compelled to reload these files again} and again that will increase the speed of the system and permits for more optimum performance. However, sometimes, your computer could be running out of this Page File Size that has been allotted to that. Either you might’ve modified this setting to conserve system storage on your PC or it might’ve been automatically modified. Therefore, during this step, we are going to be changing it by increasing the Page File Size. For that:

  • Press the Windows logo button and R key to open the control panel
  • Then click on System and Security options and System option on the screen
  • On the left side of the Window, there will be an Advanced system settings tab, click on it
  • Click on the Advanced tab and then the settings option under the performance section
  • On the new Window that opens click on the Advanced tab and Change button under the Virtual heading
  • Click on the click Custom size box and uncheck the automatically manage paging file size for all drives option
  • Enter “4096 MB” and “8192 MB” in the initial and maximum space available for the drive
  • To exit the Window click on OK to save your changes
  • Now check if there is any improvement in the system performance


We hope all these methods work for you if you successfully resolve your lag problem. If you still face some problems you can try restoring your computer, run a Disk cleanup, or run a troubleshooter. Also, make sure your system is not overheated otherwise it can cause permanent damages.

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