10 Essential Items Every Motorcyclist Must Have for Road Trips

Planning to go on a motorcycle road trip? There are certain things that you need to have with you on your trip to ensure that you stay comfortable and safe even in a strange land with strange people around you. We have gathered a list of 10 essential items that will help you make a road trip safer, much more comfortable and enjoyable.   

  1. Personal sanitation supplies: Don’t expect to find a washroom or cleaning facilities similar to your home when you are on the road because even under the best circumstances you might have to use a restaurant classroom or a hotel bathroom to clean up before setting out on your day’s ride. You will need at least a few packs of moisturized face wipes and paper soap to clean up in a hurry. And if you are a female and it’s ‘that time’ of the month for you, make sure to carry sanitary pads in your luggage bag. 
  2. Personal safety items (pepper spray, stun gun & flashlight): The roads are filled with people of all shades of personality. And that is why you need to be always prepared to tackle any sort of nuisance. Always come prepared with pepper spray and a stun gun which you can use to care of miscreants. It is always a good idea to place these deterrents in an easy to reach place so that you can pull them out whenever the situation demands it. Having said that, there is no need to worry excessively about your personal safety as long as you stay completely aware of the situation revolving around you at all times. 
  3. Medicines: Are you under any medication? If that is the case, always consider speaking to your doctor before setting out on long-distance people especially on a motorcycle which is physically demanding and more rigorous compared to travelling by car. Never forget to carry your medicines especially any of those that have been prescribed by your doctor.  In addition to that if you need any special medication for some underlying health condition be sure to have that always handy to you on your trip.
  4. Mobile chargers & power banks: Staying in contact with people when you are on the road is a good idea because that is how you can share updates with people back home and put their minds at ease. On top of that, you also need to use a mobile phone for its GPS facility to find a way out of complicated locations. Nowadays, almost every mobile phone comes with a dual SIM slot but if your phone does not have one yet, make sure to get one with dual sim slots and have two different SIM cards from two reliable companies inserted into the mobile phone so that you can always have an active connection no matter where you ride to. 
  5. Emergency repair kit: Never leave your home without the emergency repair kit on your motorcycle because there might be times when you do not have any access to technical assistance especially when you are on the highway, far away from human settlements! While we are on the topic of repairs, it is important that you learn a few emergency repairing techniques yourself because that might prove to be invaluable if you ever happen to get stranded due to a mechanical fault in the motorcycle.
  6. Mesh nets & bungee cords : Nobody speaks about the simple gadgets but mesh nets and bungee cords are perhaps the most used accessories for motorcycle trips around the world!  These are extremely helpful in tying down luggage in any sort of configuration that makes sense to you according to the capacity of your motorcycle and the amount of luggage that you need to carry depending on how far you are going to cover during your travels. In a pinch you can use these to set up camp and tie down poles and other things that you need to put in place especially while camping. 
  7. Spare helmet: Carrying a spare helmet is also another good idea because you never know when you might need to replace the existing helmet with an alternative in case it gets stolen or you happen to miss place it at your destination which happens all the time! A good way to carry as per helmet is either in the top luggage box or attach it with mesh nets on the body of the motorcycle. Instead of carrying a full-face motorcycle helmet, try taking a half-face helmet which is much smaller in size and won’t take a lot of space inside your luggage bags. 
  8. Rain gear: Do you anticipate a rainy weather condition on your trip? If that is the case don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can hide from the rain because it might not stop raining for several hours at an end that will completely screw up your itinerary. Raincoats for motorcycle riding do not take up a lot of space and are one of those essentials that you should not miss especially if you are riding during the monsoons.
  9. GPS-equipped phone & maps: We spoke about mobile phones and GPS devices before but it is so important that we thought of repeating it once again here. Increase your mobile phone is old there is a very good chance that using the GPS on the mobile phone while green the battery very fast. So instead of using the GPS application on your mobile phone you can purchase a dedicated GPS device which does not cost a lot and will give you a much more reliable reading than an app on your mobile phone. If you like the old school way of doing things you can also consider carrying maps and a compass to find your way out in foreign destinations. 
  10. Seat cushion: Staying comfortable is a key aspect of being able to ride long distances without taking a lot of breaks in between. And the most important tool that will help you achieve that is a nicely padded motorcycle seat. Look for an aftermarket solution because they are a lot cheaper and give you a ton of options to pick from. It should definitely be in your list of upgrades before setting out on your motorcycle trip. 

Summary: planning to go on a motorcycle road trip? We have gathered a list of 10 essential items that will help you make a road trip safer, much more comfortable and enjoyable. 

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