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Do you remember when your children got their first baby teeth? It is such a happy moment. Do you remember when they lost their first baby tooth? What did you do with the tooth after falling out? Many of us throw out those fallen teeth or only keep one tooth as a memory.

Doctors encourage parents to store their children’s baby tooth as soon as they fall out because they contain abundant stem cells that could save their lives when they face life-threatening diseases in the future. So you should keep all of your child or grandchild’s baby teeth and encourage other parents to do the same

Do Baby Teeth helps to Cure Diseases?

Scientists discovered stem cells are often used to treat diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, cancer and Type1 Diabetes. The stem cells in your child’s baby teeth could be used to create bone marrow that’s much more likely to be accepted by your child’s body. You have to wait for a compatible bone marrow donor to treat these and other medical conditions. In most cases, you have to wait a long period of time to find a donor for treatment that is a bone marrow match. Having the teeth avoids the wait. Any teeth that are pulled, including wisdom, are beneficial for banking.

Where to Store Baby Teeth?

No parent or grandparent can’t imagine their children getting a life-threatening disease in the future. Secure your children health just with a single baby tooth, don’t just throw out or put in a box. Look into organizations like that specialize in storing those precious baby teeth properly and safely.

Mothercell Biosciences has recognized the requirement of quality dental stem cell banking services in suburbs of Hyderabad & hence have started its World’s Biggest Dental Stem cell Bank in Hyderabad. This has given a great opportunity and scope to people living in India and nearby places to avail high-quality dental stem cell banking services offered by Mothercell Biosciences. Mothercell Biosciences has created a brand for secured and affordable dental stem cell banking services to all classes of society over the past two years.

Why Store Teeth Properly at the right time?

As soon as you see your child milk tooth is loosened, inform to dental stem cell bank they will extract the tooth without pain and preserve the stem cells in their laboratory. And also if any teeth are pulled down the road such as wisdom teeth, try to save those as well. If you are looking for more information, talk to your dentist.

How many teeth need to be banked?

A single milk tooth is enough but the more teeth you bank, the number of stem cells you’ll save which helps in future. Parents could decide to bank at least one milk tooth otherwise your child has already had permanent teeth, you can plan to bank all of the unwanted wisdom teeth extracted for preservation. Wisdom teeth also consist of a rich source of stem cells.

How to bank Teeth? One has to wait for them to fall out?

Most of the Children lose their teeth at the age of 5 to 11 years old. When your child loses a baby tooth, there is enough time the pulp remains viable. To preserve the baby teeth in the right way, consult dental stem cell banking companies or else your dental specialist they will examine the teeth and estimates the teeth loss period. As soon as your child’s tooth gets loosen inform to dental banking organization, they will extract the dental pulp stem cells from the teeth and cryopreserves safely in the laboratory.

What are different sources of stem cells?

Following are various sources of stem cells: Adult Stem Cells: These undifferentiated cells are found throughout the body after total development. They multiply by cell division to replenish dying cells and regenerate damaged tissues. Despite the name, they are present in children as well as in adults. These stem cells are found in most adult tissues like:

  1. Teeth
  2. Umbilical cord blood
  3. Bone marrow
  4. Menstrual blood
  5. Skin
  6. Placental tissue

Embryonic Stem Cells: Human embryonic stem cells are a part of embryos that are 5–6 days old. They have the ability to form all the different types of cell in the body, including germ cells. Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells: These are regular adult cells that are not stem cells but are genetically reprogrammed to act like an embryonic stem cell.

How are stem cells being used today to treat systemic disorders?

The most common stem cell therapy is bone marrow transplant. Stem cells have been used for decades to treat patients who are suffering from blood related disorders like leukaemia, anaemia, etc. or immune deficiency.
Clinical research has shown that stem cells have a high potential (currently under experimental research) to manage many life threatening diseases and critical ailments in future through stem cell therapy For example, the use of stem cells to repair damaged heart muscle, to generate cells that produce insulin to treat diabetes and to repair damaged spinal nerves, etc.

Its an good opportunity for those who have missed banking umbilical cord stem cells for future use. Dental stem cell banking, a concept that became popular in country now and moved to other metro cities. unlike cord blood stem cells, dental pulp is present in all healthy teeth and these teeth can be used for regeneration of tissues in any part of the body. These dental pulp stem cells are ideally taken at the right age of children between 5 to 11 years from their milk tooth. Mothercell Biosceinces  provides the services of dental stem cell banking throughout India. As stem cells from dental pulp has potential to treat several diseases in future if banked at the right age. We have a state-of-the-art dental stem cell processing laboratory with the latest and most sophisticated technology in Hyderabad. The laboratory is manned 24 x 7 by a well qualified, highly competent and skilled staff, to receive, process and store dental stem cell samples.

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