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    Different people have different priorities, but for me, my main concern when setting up my home office was comfort. You’ll be working there for hours and hours, after all, and no one likes being sore all over after a long work session. Also, I’ve been dead set on avoiding back pain at all costs after I learned that it is one the most common types of chronic pain in the world.

    Set aside a nice portion of your budget for an ergonomic chair. Or better yet, get a reclining armchair from a furniture shop in Maidstone like this one. A recliner combined with an articulated monitor stand and a wireless mouse can make getting work done much easier. A desk with adjustable height could also be a good investment.

    Of course, practical items shouldn’t be the only thing on your list. Look through pictures of decorated home offices until you find a style you like, then try to replicate it. Making your office beautiful can be great for morale, and it’ll make your office a great background for the occasional video conference.


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