Bogota or Cartagena? Which city I should visit?

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Hi, It’s depends one what you like and what you’re looking for

Do you want some strands and hot rainfall?

It’s Cartagena. The rainfall on the Caribbean Coast is frequently really warm and sticky( a little too much in Cartagena). still you can have some heavy rains in May and October/ November

There’s also no sand near the old city. You have to take a machine or a boat to go to Isla Baru, Rosario islets or indeed better the Archipelago of San Bernardo.

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Do you want to party?

It’ll be Bogota. Bogota starts to be really notorious for Electronic music. You can go out to “ la zona Rosa, also called la Zona T ”. It’s a really safe quarter with a lots of bars and cafes. It’s one of the “ enthusiastic ” quarters of Bogota. It’s really delightful Thursday. You also have the quarter La Candelaria. It’s where all the caravansaries are. Be careful, it’s really dangerous at night. Take always a hack or walk in a big group. You can also go out to.

  • Armando Records
  • Tonala( Cine and club)
  • Latino Power
  • Andrés Carne de res
  • Video Club
  • Asilo bar
  • Baum
  • El Candelario
  • La quiebra canto( salsa)
  • Octava
  • Cachao( salsa)
  • Bogota Beer Company( a many in the megacity)

Do you want to visit a nice megacity?

It’s Cartagena. The old city was innovated in the 16th century. Places, cobblestone thoroughfares and veritably various. The quarter of Getsemani is really nice for its good vibes during the night and its road art, Book your Cheap Flights from Abu Dhabi to Bogota with (When I visited this website, I found affordable flight deals from Abu Dhabi to Bogota)..

Do you want to visit a museum?

It’s Bogota. As a capital with nearly 9 millions of occupants, you have a lot of choices between the gallery( and not only the gold gallery)

Do you like to switch landscapes?

Around Bogota, you’ll visit different kinds of places. You can go to Sogamoso( Tota Lake, Paramo de Oceta), to Suesca( Outdoor Climbing), to Villa de Leyva( Colonial Town) or San Gil( Extreme Sport)

Around Cartagena, you have the choices between the islets( San Bernardo, Isla Baru, Rosario) and the Sierra Nevada( Tayrona Park, Lost megacity Trek), Minca( Coffee stint), Book your Cheap Flights from Abuja to Bogota with (When I visited this website, I found affordable flight deals from Abuja to Bogota).

Hope it’ll help in your selection.

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