Have any limitation on Bloggers free Blog of Google?

I want to know limitation details of blogger platform. as –
Blog description, Number of blogs, Number of labels,
Number of pictures, Number of posts ,  Size of pages , Size of pictures ,
Number of pages.  Favicon , Account suspension

Have any limitation on Bloggers free Blog of Google?


Brong Asked on January 30, 2018 in Website & Blog.
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The word “Blogspot” is very popular in these days to make a free website. It is a free CMS(content management system) platform where you can make your website without paying. With Blogspot, you can keep full control over your site and can get access to it anything.

There are Some of the Blogspot which you should know. So, in this article, I explain everything that you should know about Blogger.

Blogger has the following limitations on content storage and bandwidth, per user account:

  1. Blog description – 500 characters max; Hyper Text Markup Language markup not supported
  2. Number of blogs – 100 blogs per account
  3. Number of labels – 5,000 unique labels per blog (an increase from the original 2,000), 20 unique labels per post (with at most 200 characters)
  4. Number of pictures – Ordinarily, up to 1 GB of total storage, shared with Picasa Web. If you’ve upgraded to Google+, your photos will be stored in Google Photos, where you have 15 GB of storage space shared with Gmail and Drive. However, if one has signed up for Google+ account, images less than 16 megapixels (4920 x 3264) would not be counted to this storage limit. For users not signed up for Google+, 800 x 800 pixels and below images would not be included in this storage space.
  5. Number of posts – There is no limit on the number of posts one can have in one blog. However, only 50 posts can be published per day before a user is required to go through a check process.[citation needed]
  6. Size of pages – Individual pages (the main page of a blog or archive pages) are limited to 1 MB
  7. Size of pictures – If posted via Blogger Mobile, limited 250 KB per picture;  posted pictures are scaled to 1600px [citation needed]
  8. Number of pages – There is no limit on the number of pages you can have on one blog
  9. Team members (those who can write to a blog) – 100 invitations per blog
  10. Favicon – Any square image less than 100 KB
  11. Account suspension: if a site is violating any terms of service, it may be suspended by Blogger without any notice. Repeated violations may lead to Google account suspension.

On February 18, 2010,  Blogger introduced “auto-pagination”, which limited the number of posts that could be displayed on each page, often causing the number of posts on the main page to be less than that specified by the user and leading to a hostile response from some users.

Private blogs are limited to only 100 members.

So if you create your blog in blogger, then, of course, be careful of it.


Brong Answered on January 30, 2018.
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