Home Decoration Tips For A Small Apartment

Have you brought a small apartment in Bangalore?

Congratulations! Now, you have to make the entire place, a fine dwelling for your beloved family members. So, you need to decorate and furnish the small house. Yes, it is a challenge. The creativity in your mind can reach a new level when it comes to the decoration of the interior spaces. Will we now go to this article on home decoration tips for a small apartment? You will gain valuable information.

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A. Light/Faded Colors

If you use dark colors for your rooms, space will look smaller. So, choose faded or lighter shades for the rooms. They will give the appearance of a large space.

B. Home Decoration Tips – Mounted Electronic Items

So the space in every room is minimal. Do you want the best idea to stack electronic items in the home? Then make use of the wall space. The best way is to use lamps, bookcases and even add shelves to the wall.

C. Home Decoration Tips – Rounded Furniture

Think of common sense. The space in the rooms is minimal. Do you think it is wise to have furniture with sharp edges? The connection between the legs and the sharp corners of furniture – we need not tell the result. Allow rounded furniture in the room. Think of unconventional ways to increase space during the process. How about using pedestal tables to liven up space?


D. Home Decoration Tips – Pocket Doors

Think of the doors in a normal home. You cannot keep any item behind the door. Think the other way around. How about pocket doors to slide in horizontal fashion inside the rooms? And the sliding happens smooth. In the swinging door option, the furniture can witness wear and tear. The reason, doors can hit furniture.

E. Home Decoration Tips – Floor-to-ceiling Shelves

Are you a homeowner who cannot think of having shelves on the wall? There is so much space and you can get the best use. Also, let the style of the shelves cater to the requirements of the family members.


F. Home Decoration Tips – Murphy Bed

Can you name the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom? Then it is the bed. In some houses, beds occupy more than two-thirds of space in a room. Yes, this idea is not so popular in India. But if you are game, you need to do construction and planning. Are you in Bangalore and in a similar situation? Ensure you seek the services of a reputed civil engineer in Bangalore to do the changes.


G. Use Space Beneath Stairs.

Do you have stairs in your apartment going to the balcony? Then make use of the space below the stairs. You can set up a small library rack consisting of your favorite books on the space beneath the stairs.


H. Window Treatments.

Do you realize the importance of windows? They allow sun rays and pure air to enter your home. If you want to renovate your home, consider enlarging the windows. Do you want to make the windows give a strong appeal of peace and ambiance? Then, consider light color curtains.

Home improvement experts advice on choosing only simple pattern curtains. Then the room will look larger. There are two styles. You can hang the curtains from ceiling to floor. The other is hanging the curtains out of the window. Yet, please note, in the second option, you may have to wash them once a month.


I. Small Vintage Chandeliers

Has your family inherited small vintage chandeliers? Then install them in the small living room. During the night time, they will sparkle due to their royal appearance.


J. Home Decoration Tips – Multi-Purpose WoodWork

Try this option. Why don’t you buy a bed that can double up as a sofa for your child? You can also opt for a small table that may store ten books. And many more.

K. Lucite Tables

If you do not like round shaped furniture, then settle for lucite tables. Choose only the transparent variety. Then the room will look airy and free. Do not go for dark colored glass as space will look smaller.

L. Home Decoration Tips – Lighting

You need to install the lights and bulbs in the most proper space. Other than the lights in your apartment, you can also add small color lights to light up the ambiance. In the living room, add several maps instead of one light. They will not only brighten up the atmosphere but also bring a warm feeling in your home.

M. Liven Up The Dead Space

This work involves some creativity. But yes, you can search on the internet for some great ideas. Do not leave any nook and corner of the room unattended. Do you have a large corner in the living room? Then ensure you use the space for the wood shelf containing books.

Are you not interested to have a separate cupboard for your clothes? Then ensure you have hangers on walls or behind the doors.

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really interesting topic!

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Thanks for helpful tips…I am looking for ideas to decor small space for Christmas day. do you have any suggestion?

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