How can I check my pulse?

I want to check my pulse rate without any equipment.Is there any way to check my pulse rate? If anyone knows tell me about that.

Thank you.
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Thanks for your question. First of all use your index finger and your  middle finger for finding your pulse. You should not use your thumb for finding the pulse.

Then you have to find you radial pulse. This  pulse you found on the side of the wrist nearest your body. You should use the pads of your fingers and place them just below the wrist creases on the thumb side. Press lightly under your skin until you feel the blood pulsing.Then you should move your fingers around a bit until you feel the pulse.

Now find the carotid pulse. You feel this  pulse on the side of the neck just below your jawline then place your index and middle fingers in the hollow between the windpipe and the large muscle in your neck. Press lightly then you can feel a pulse. This is  easier than finding the pulse in your wrists.

Now check and record your heart rate. You can use a watch or clock with a second hand or digital second display. then count the number of times you feel a throb for one minute . I  think this is the most accurate process.

 You should establish your normal heart rate. The normal  heart rate for an adult is 60-100 beats per minute and normal heart rate for children who are under 18 is 70-120 beats per minute. This rate is applied to a person who is at rest. We know any physical activity will increase the pulse rate.
Hope you find your answer.
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