How do I earn 2 BTC in 1 Month?

Hi friends,
Today I will tell you my earning history, how do I earn 2 BTC in 1 month? This is my story real not fake.

3 month ago, I was looking for a good way so that, I can earn money from online. But I was very frustrated because I could not find any way. I joined facebook group and post “Have any way to make money online without investment?” Many people suggest me to joined their network. I have tried to joined. but all of them are not correct (Some are fake) and  Some are correct but income is too low to talk.  Nobody help me.

I personally massage to some website owner because I know that all website owner  earn money from online.

After 3 days letter, I have got a reply from the owner of . and he suggest me to joined this network to earn free BTC.

I wanted to know more details about this network to the admin of this website Admin just said to me that,

You don’t need to do any work, Just click here and install this adonce  to your Google Chrome browser and connect your internet connection.

Your Bitcoin will automatically start to generate.

You will get a referral link. Try to collect referral otherwise you will not get any enough earning from this website. Remember your earning will be increased as much as you can referral you can do it from here.

On hearing this, I have followed this rules.

How to invite 10000+ affiliates monthly?

Because money flow can be much more bigger when you have a lot of referrals. And it will be 100% passive income!

Today we are going to show you 4 tips for MASSIVE inviting of new users to CryptoTab!

Here we go!

1. Post your opinion pieces about CryptoTab on different forums,sites,blogs and etc. Links in comments on our Facebook page is not enough!It should be small article(or big, depends on you) with your experience or your thoughts about the project.

2. Youtube. Yes, you need to create Youtube channel if you don’t have one yet! Plan what will you talk about and do it!
It’s pretty profitable and exciting in the same time. Have fun! This is a motivation below. This guys made his explaining video 1 month ago and now he has about 5k(!!!) referrals.

3. Social networks. Create you CryptoTab page in FB, Instagram, Snapchat, anywhere! Invite friends and share the info about our project. It works too!

4. Advertising. If you can afford to make some money investments in project or have some internet resources, than make ads about CryptoTab! The more you invest now, the more gain and rapidly rising income you will get in near future!

So use your imagination and you will get cosmic results and huge income figures! Some of our users already had used these methods and enjoying tens of thousands referrals! Be the next one who will do it!

Good luck!

This rules has exactly works for me. I have got 2,000 active referral user within a month. so my income has increased.

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Yes you are absolutely right, I am also earning from here. Now I want to create a group. The person who will join my group, I will help them to withdraw money from this network.
click here to join with my group thank you

Brong Answered on May 14, 2018.
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Hello Link World
I believe you and I joined your Group. Here is my Link – . Please help me.
I’m requesting all visitors of this site to Joined with my Ref Link and earn free bitcoin.
Thanks for creating your team.

Mohi Uddin.

Brong Answered on May 15, 2018.
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I have join in Cryptotab and try to active my browser more than 12 hours a day but my earning is not increasing as I aspect.
now what can I do?

Brong Answered on May 23, 2018.
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Hi Zismin Sultana Swity

How much active referral do you have?
Remember you cannot earn Enough amount of BTC from this cryptab account if you do not have sufficient active referral.

You can calculate your earning by using this calculator and you will be more clear about your earning, How much you can earn from your referral.

For increasing your earning from CryptoTab, you need,

A High configured PC.
High speed internet connection.
Sufficient active referrals.

You can buy dedicate hosting for increasing your earning.


Default Answered on May 23, 2018.
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TIPS for Earning BTC Quickly:

RE: How do I earn 2 BTC in 1 Month?

Earning BTC by using Cryptotab is more faster now. Cryptotab has lunched a new web browser which is 8X faster than General Mozilla firefox and Google Chrome browser.  I’m using this faster Cryptotab Browser. It is also a great news that you can also use this browser as a general browser.

See the image below how faster-

RE: How do I earn 2 BTC in 1 Month?

To earn BTC quickly use this Cryptotab Browser

Silver Answered on June 9, 2018.
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