How does swimming build muscle?

I know many body builders take swimming as their workout. I don’t know why they do so.I want to know how swimming builds muscle.

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Swimming is a sport and a hobby for people of all ages. It’s a great way for your body to recover and become stronger. If we want to know how we can gain muscle from swimming. We will have to look at some of the fundamental aspects of swimming.

Swimming is a resistance exercise as we know.It is similar to weight-lifting. But in swimming, there is no stress on our joints and bones that we feel in weight lifting.  So,swimming work on our muscles but it doesn’t have the negative impacts that weight-lifting has.

There are many muscles those are stronger by swimming.It does work some muscles more than others. These muscles are traps, shoulders, back, abs, lats, legs, and triceps. The constant pulling and pushing off and against water build muscle endurance and work capacity with those muscles.

Though I am telling you that swimming is one of the best activities for muscle growth. But it is not enough. You still have to lift weights for muscle growth.Unless you will never put on the muscle that you want.  By combining swimming and weight lifting you will see your gains like never before.
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No. But it could be a good form of exercise to include in your routine. I’d use it as a form of cardio, not as the primary exercise for strength training or bodybuilding.

Hypertrophy is best achieved through resistance training in a specific set/rep/weight range.

Swimmers didn’t develop good physiques by swimming alone. They also lift weights and do bodyweight exercises to develop the muscles necessary to swim fast.

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