How does your TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) affect your life?

Moderate to severe TBI might have long-term or even permanent consequences. While recovery and rehabilitation are feasible, most persons who have suffered a mild to severe TBI will confront life obstacles that will force them to adapt to a new reality.

Moderate to severe TBI can result in long-term physical or mental impairment. Polytrauma is frequent in moderate to severe TBI, therefore many patients suffer from extra disability as a result of other injuries. Even patients who appear to have totally recovered may continue to experience some long-term effects.


Effects On persons life

Workplace challenges and executing duties that were formerly regular can be far more challenging than they were before to the injury. Some patients discover that the skills and abilities they utilized to address these obstacles before to the injury are no longer as sharp as they previously were.

These continuous difficulties may have an impact on the patient’s personal life. People who have had a brain injury may take longer to perform cognitive or “thinking” tasks that are related to memory, such as coming up with the correct change in the grocery store checkout line or placing an order at a restaurant. Family connections will almost likely shift, and the patient may become completely reliant on their caregivers in some circumstances.

Despite advancements in the early detection and treatment of mild to severe TBI, the fact remains that traumatic brain injury will change the lives of many people. TBI rehabilitation includes assisting the patient, family members, and caregivers in coping with these long-term repercussions.

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