How much should my dog weight?

I have two dogs.But I don’t know about  the perfect weight of my dogs. I think my dogs are healthy.I want to sure about this.If anyone knows tell me about it.

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Thanks for your question.Dogs weight depends on some factors such as breed,sex,height and general stature.There is no proper weight for the dog.Generally, if your dog weight is between 65 to 80 pounds then your dog’s weight is normal.There is the difference between the weight of a male dog and a  female dog. The best way to determine your dog’s ideal weight is to use The Purina Body Condition system.Many people used this system.It is the very popular system.

This uses two simple steps to rate the state of any dog’s body.
1.Visual Inspection

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Dog’s weight fluctuate depending on season, activity levels and stress levels. Weight of the dog can be determined by sight and touch. check if your dog has a slight waist, you should be able to feel their ribs but it shouldn’t be visible.
Always tailor your dog’s diet to suit their individual requirements. It is suggested to feed your dog 2-3% of their ideal body weight.

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