How To Break Into Movie Writing?

Do you have some great ideas for movies but no idea how to get them out to the producers who can actually make them into a film?

Do you often go to the movies and think that you can do better and have better ideas when it comes to movie making?

If so, you should know that the internet has given you options that were never before possible when it came to breaking into movie writing.

There are a few ways that you can break into movie writing – you can know a producer who will listen to your ideas, you can write a screenplay that is something unique that the producers will love or you can pitch your ideas on the internet. Two of these ideas can be costly and time consuming, but pitching your ideas online is easy. In some cases, you only need an idea concept of about 300 words in order to get the attention of a producer.
Here is the lowdown on how to break into movie writing:

Pitching your idea to a producer

This works great if you happen to know a producer. Most of us do not know any producers. Even those who do know producers have a difficult time with this as the producers are often busy and will often make empty promises to their friends. Pitching your idea to a producer may seem like a great way to break into movie writing, but it is a long shot at best.

Writing an original screenplay

You can break into the movies if you write an original screenplay aka Good Will Hunting or Rocky, both written by two unknowns. However, their success is overshadowed by the millions of people who are out there with screenplays that never made it to the screen because they could not even get an assistant to look at it. A screenplay takes time and money to write. It takes a lot of blood sweat and tears. And few people have the ability to write purely for speculation. Writing an original screenplay is better than the pitch, but can be difficult to get it even read, at best.

Use a movie ideas website

When you post your movie ideas on a movie ideas website, you are getting your idea across to the general public who will be going to the movies. Because it is under common copyright, you do not have to worry about anyone stealing your idea, but you can get the idea out to the public who will be going to the movies and getting their reaction. The internet has changed the way that Hollywood determines what will be a hit when it comes to the movies. One of the ways that they are using to gage hit movies is to use the internet and the reaction of the pubic to the movie ideas that are posted online. If you use a movie ideas website, you can gage the reaction of the public to your movie idea as well as perhaps get the attention of a movie producer. This can be your best option when trying to break into movie writing.

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