How to Connect SMB Shares from iPad or iPhone with Files App?

How to Connect SMB Shares from iPad or iPhone with Files App?

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How to Connect SMB Shares from iPad or iPhone with Files App?

Files app can be useful for the one who works with network file servers on Mac, Linux machines or PCs. When it is connected, users can open the files and store them to the shared location. If you want to connect it too, then you are on the right post. Read the blog to get the idea of connecting SMB Shares from the iPad or iPhone with the Files App.

How to Connect SMB Shares from iPad or iPhone with Files App

Users will require a device running on iPadOS 13.1 or iOS 13 to make this work, so they must ensure that they are updated.

If you want to connect SMB Shares from iPad or iPhone with the Files App, then you can follow the provided steps:

  1. Launch the Files app. It is already installed on every iPads or iPhone.
  2. Click on the Browser option underneath or locate it on the sidebar.
  3. Select  “…” More option that looks like 3 dots in a row.
  4. Choose the Connect to Server option.
  5. The input network address of it that you need to connect and then select Connect.
  6. The new share will be visible below the Shared section in the Browse tab. Click on it to access folders situated on share.
When the users completely set up the SMB share, then it will be accessible every time the users want it. If the files are saved and are using data like the other apps, they still have to access Samba share through the Files app. Users can use it to connect to SMB network share, so if you are already sharing the files between the Windows and Mac; then those machines will also connect.

It can also do the document scanning as users can scan the files in Files apps on iPad and iPhone, which can scan documents to SMB share. If you have used it, then you must be eager to have the Samba shares in iPadOS or iOS.

The easy access to shares is very useful as users can access huge files off-device that can save the space on an iPad or iPhone. It can be a collection of documents for work, new business proposals, media servers which can be done with some clicks. There are a number of features or plans to like this in the latest version of system software for the iPad or iPhone.

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