How to create strong password easily?

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Thanks for the questions,  if you don’t have any idea about strong password then read this first. 
What is strong password? How do I generate a strong password and use them?

You can create a strong password and remember them easily if you follow this method:

Suppose, your name is Mr. John von.  and your date of birth is 05-10-1986 and your mobile no is – 123456789

Now you can combine this by using various kinds of symbol which you can remember like this –

    • [M.j_v-&(1986)]
    • {(M.J_V)-&123456789}


Like this, you can add your favorite name and numbers in password.

Here are more example:

My name is Md. Mohi Uddin , my date of birth is 07-08-1986 and my phone number is 273377
Now I will create my strong password.
I will use my name, date of birth and mobile number in my password in a symbolic way. see below –


Use that symbol so that you can remember.


Brong Answered on July 9, 2018.
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