How to place google Adsense add in Bangla blog or website?

I know that Google Adsense does not support bangla language but I have seen that many bangla website and bangla blog show google Adsense add. How it possible?
Can anyone help me?


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To show google adsense add in bangla website, you should follow this rules strictly –

  1. At first you should have a verified approved adsense account which you have got approved for your English blog or website.
  2. Now go to your Google adsense dashboard and click on settings and site management from left corner.
  3. Now add your website as a owner.
  4. Now Go to My add and Create a New add unit and create an add for your bangla website.
  5. I will suggest you to create a responsive add
  6. Now copy the add code and place it in your bangla website.
  7. Example website:
  8. If you follow this rules, Then your bangla website or blog will also show google adsense add.

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Brong Answered on March 7, 2016.
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