How to register with google Adsense?

I don’t know anything about google Adsense. If anyone  tells me how to register in google Adsense, I can open a google Adsense account for my website?

Brong Asked on September 6, 2016 in Google Adsense.
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Nowadays google Adsense is a popular way of earning money. The register process in google Adsense is quite easy. First of all,you have to visit the google Adsense program policies web page and review your website for violations of the policies and remove them. Then visit the google Adsense sign up page and sign in with your existing google account. Now enter the full Url of your website’s home page into the box leveled “I will show ads on”. You have to select the language of your websites content is by using the drop down list box named “content language”. Now put a check mark  in the box including that you agree to abide by google AdSense program policies and click continue. Select your country and the business as the type of account that you want. Then enter your name,business name,address,mobile number in contract field and select an option how you heard about google Adsense from the drop down list. At last click on “Submit my application” and wait for the contacted by google with a decision. It will take two or three business days. Thus you can register in google Adsense. Hope you find your answer.

Brong Answered on September 15, 2016.
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