If I get a puppy, will I lose relationship with my cats?

I have two cats.Now I want to buy a puppy.But I am a little bit worried that I will lose the relationship with my cats.

Brong Asked on September 6, 2016 in Pets.
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Thanks for your question. Generally, puppy means six weeks old dog. You have to careful about your puppy. You have to give your personal attention to your puppy for first few weeks. But the reaction of cats is unpredictable. I think cats will settle down and get used to the puppy. You don’t lose your relation with cats. You have to spend a lot of times with your cats and puppy. You have to give food to your cats and puppy together. You can take them for a walk in the evening.Thus they can be familiar with each other.Hope you find your answer.

Brong Answered on September 9, 2016.
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Dogs and cats are two distinct species that regard one another as potential prey. But that doesn’t rule out the possibility of them getting along. Many families have demonstrated that dogs and cats can be great companions.  Keep them apart as much as possible. If you have the space, make sure your cats have a place to escape – vertical space is ideal. Remove the cat’s belongings out the dog’s reach; sometime they refuse to eat if they were too close. Don’t be shocked if it takes them some time to adjust, and spend as much time as you can with the cats without the dog.

Default Answered on October 10, 2021.
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