If you are not passionately in love with someone, is it wrong to maintain the relationship?

I think love is complicated.There are many kinds of loves in the world.I was just wondering when I see that many people think it is ok to be with someone.They are not even sure that he/she passionately love them or not.

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Thanks for your question.Before answer your question we all have to know that what is passionate love? Passionate love mainly involves intense feeling and sexual attraction for your partner. It is necessary to maintain a good relationship. I personally think that it is not wrong to maintain a relationship without passionate love. Because there are many reasons to maintain a relationship without passionate love.It is the first step of love. Passion can not last forever. It automatically evolves to a different form of love. Many people don’t like when their  passion is over. So,they change their partners to feel the passion again. Many people want to stay with the partner without passionate love. It mainly depends on the person what he or she wants. So,I think it is not wrong to maintain the relationship without  passionate love. Hope you understand. Thank you again for your nice question.

Brong Answered on September 9, 2016.
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