is it worth to buy a 5G Phone?

Is it worth to buy a 5G phone in 2021? When we have 4G and it is still working fine then should we move to the 5G? Will it costly?

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Most of the smartphones hype 5G phones to market themselves. I think the 5G features in smartphones is only a gimmick as most of the brands provide only two or three 5G bands. According to me don’t specifically look for 5G, buy a phone which is best in your budget. 

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With the increasing technology and advancements of networking, the 5G network connectivity is taking a super-fast speed to rollout all around the world which will be leading to roadkill of 3G network connection and the smartphones which are in use under it as they will be completely out of use.  If a specific user is entitled to receive 4G network connectivity according to their network plan, they will definitely receive the LTE signals but to upgrade into a 5G network the user will need to change their plan or SIM as required by their operator.

Default Answered on March 30, 2022.
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