Is online shopping 100% safe?

I have seen a lot of eCommerce website where they are selling all kinds of product.
that why my questions is, Is online shopping safe?

Is online shopping 100% safe?

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No, online shopping is not 100% safe?

50% safe. I am saying that 50% safe that means when you will order a product sometimes you may get used product. you will get product that is not 100% percent sure.  You cannot understand that it is used product or not. But there are many reported website from where are you can buy your product 100% accurate & safely.

in this case I will suggest you, if you want to buy any product from online then go to direct their official website and buy product.
As for example I can say that, if you want to buy Samsung mobile then go to Samsung mobiles official website and buy Samsung mobile then you will get your product and 100% safely shopping.

But if you by any third party website like eCommerce website, where you will get all kinds of product but I cannot guarantee that you will get hundred percent accurate product and buy it safely.

You can get two side of online shopping good side and bad side

BAD side of online shopping:
sometimes you may not get hundred percent pure or new product I mean you may get used product. this is bad side of online shopping. in this case you should buy your product from a reputed website.  Then you will get new and hundred percent Accurate  product.

Dangerous side of online shopping:

Some eCommerce website is very dangerous. I am saying dangerous because

some website shows that your payment is not successful but they have dedicated your product balance
from your MasterCard

And if you buy only $5 product then they can be dedicated $15 or more from your MasterCard. Even Some website can be dedicated total balance from your MasterCard. That means your MasterCard will be blank if you buy any unreputed eCommerce website

get more information from here

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No.there are alot of scams out there on the internet.but you can trust ebay.i have purchased from ebay and recieved exactly what i ordered.

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