Is there anyone here have an idea which is the best energy drink in the world?

Hi I’m markus,  is there anyone here have an idea which is the best energy drink in the world? I really want to buy it. Thank you for the great suggestion

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Hi, Thanks for your valuable questions. I have seen that you have asked 2 questions but my answer is same.  But I’m sorry to say that I cannot tell you the name of the world’s best energy drink. Because all energy drink is harmful (dangerous) for health.

I can tell you the world’s best selling energy drink but I cannot tell you the best energy drink. Because you know that best selling energy drink means the world’s popular energy drink but best energy drink means that kind of energy drink  which is good for health. But as per my experience, I know that all energy drink is harmful.

Risk Factors of Energy Drink

People who drink energy drinks may be at a higher risk of caffeine toxicity compared with those who drink other caffeinated beverages such as coffee or soda. Since the drinks are marketed to young people, many drinkers are inexperienced in gauging appropriate caffeine intake and less tolerant to the effects. Advertisements for energy drinks usually promise improved performance, and some drinkers mistakenly think that “more is better.” In addition, there are no labeling requirements and some drinkers may not know how much caffeine they are drinking.

All energy drink has caffeine and it is very harmful. Top 10 Caffeine Overdose Symptoms
Here are the usual symptoms in order from the first ones to be experienced to the more severe, later stage consequences.

  1. Jitters, Restlessness, and Nervousness
  2. Increased heartbeat
  3. Nausea
  4. Anxiety
  5. Heart palpitations (cardiac arrhythmia)
  6. Insomnia
  7. Sweating
  8. Dizziness
  9. Vomiting
  10. Cardiac arrest

you can see more details from here.

thanks you. Hope you will not drink too much.

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5 best energy drinks

1. Red Bull

2. Monster

3. Rockstar

4. AMP

5. 5-hour Energy

Thanks for your question.

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Brong Answered on November 23, 2017.
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