My girlfriend wants me to quit my job because I make more money than her?

When I was 18 years old I was kicked out of the house and I had nothing I had to work two jobs just to get by and pay my way through college and I’ve applied the same work ethic to my career once I started working in my desired field. I have my 2 year degree in Information & Telecommunication Technology and I currently make 104,000 dollars a year monitor/managing/maintaining the IT Infrastructure of a respect fortune 500 company.

My girlfriend has an Ivy League degree in Economics/Finance that her parents paid for from UPenn Wharton school of business and she works as a Research Associate for an Investment firm making 86,000 dollars a year. Her parents gave also gave her tens of thousands of dollars to experiment with and invest in different things. She’s literally had everything in life handed to her and I feel like she doesn’t appreciate anything that I do for her and she takes everything for granted…

She’s extremely bitter about me only have 2 years of education from a low ranking ranking school that she thinks I should quit my job because I’m under qualified for the position I’m working.

What she doesn’t understand is I started at the very rock bottom of Information Technology applied the same work ethic I did when I was working two jobs to put myself through college barely getting by and people recognized my hard work and I’ve been promoted 4 times within the last 3 years at the same company…

Maybe I should just break up with her ? Life is too short for the BS

Default Asked on June 15, 2016 in Businesses.
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