Should I get pet insurance?

I have a pet dog. I have heard about pet insurance. I do not know much about it. Is pet insurance worthwhile or just a waste of time? I look out at what pet insurance covers and whether it is going to save my money. If anyone knows tell me about this?

Brong Asked on September 9, 2016 in Pets.
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Thanks for your question. You wanted to know about pet insurance. Pet insurance means if something happens to your pet   then the insurance company takes responsibility according to their rules. As pet insurance is an additional cost, you have to pay $200 per year.Insurance company ensures  your pet over 8 years of age. You also save this money as your savings. If your dog is healthy, then the company give you the interest of your money. When your pet has serious diseases, the company will take care your pet. Thus, they can save the life of your pet.So, you should do your pet insurance. I think pet insurance is worthwhile. You need to know something before pet insurance. There are many companies will cover 80% of the total claim of the insurance. They sometimes give a discount for your additional pets.Some policies help you with legal costs if someone harms your pet.Some companies also help you when your pet is stolen.Hope you find your answer.

Default Answered on September 12, 2016.
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