Was life better for people in the past than today?

I keep hearing stories that people in the past lived better lives, they were actually living life and not always on electronics…they socialized more and they were in tune with nature….and they had stories to tell…..is it true?

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Thanks for your question. You ask the most important question of modern day life. Many of us think that our past life was good.Now, I am taking about some points of our past life and recent life. At first, we talk about some basic needs of life.We know food,cloth,medical treatment,education,shelter are the fundamental basic need of life.

For example, In 1950 in our country we have no modern day technology for harvesting. We have to depend  on natural-source only. If there was no water in the river, we did not grow crops. Many people died for foods. Many people died in winter season for cloth and shelter. People don’t have the proper treatment.Many people died in simple diseases like diarrhea.Then only a few men were educated. Now this problem is solved.We can grow more foods than our past life. We have the water pump and other harvesting tools. We can also predict when the rain comes. We make good shelter for our living. We produce more clothes. There are many garments in our country. The medical science improved a lot in recent days. We have the cure for almost every disease. But it is a matter of regret that we also destroy ecological balance of nature. We gradually destroy the ozone layer. The world temperature is increasing day by day. We destroy  the forests to built house. I agree with you that we lost our connection with nature. But the achievement we have got in this century, it changes the way of our living. So we should  keep with the pace of time. We can not even think our modern life without technology. Hope you find your answer.
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