What are the advantages and disadvantages of cell phones?

I’ve bought a new mobile. I don’t know anything about this mobile phone’s  advantage and disadvantages of mobile phones. So I need to know about this in details. Please some one help me.

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of cell phones?

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Thanks for your questions. I think this questions ” What are the advantages and disadvantages of cell phones?” is very important for all like yours.Here I’m trying to give your answers in brief.

Actually, the Cell phone has become the most important part in our daily life. For some people, it is the Life. Usage of the technology lies in our own hands, if we use it for good then it is good. But if we use it for the bad purpose, it destroys us.

Here come the Advantages

We can stay in touch with our family and friends/relatives at any time.

Internet: This is the most important thing a cell phone provides. Most of the people use it for this purpose. It provides maps, through which we can easily go to a certain place without any help. It provides the required material for the academic purpose. At the time of interviews, it helps a lot. PDF files, e-mails, recharges etc. we can do with the internet.
Snap the photos, take videos
Make video calls
Balance transfers
Recharge to someone
Share the files easily
People who run the businesses gets benefited a lot through a cell phone. Without a cell phone, they can’t run their business.
Different Apps provide a lot of information for the Users.


Radiation: The radiation is the most defeating factor lies in a phone, especially in a Smartphone. The Radiation is measured as SAR(Specific Absorption Rate). The amount of radio frequency absorbed by a body when using a phone.

Cell phone wastes the man’s time as he is unnecessarily spending a lot of time on it. The Modern man is using the Cell phone for Entertainment purpose. This is also a great demerit.

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