What is a Logline in a script?

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In a logline script, a logline is a brief summary that captures the essence of the story, usually in one or two sentences. It is typically placed at the beginning of a script, before the title and the script itself, and it serves as a quick summary of what the story is about.

The purpose of a logline in a script is to provide a concise and compelling summary that captures the attention of potential producers, agents, or investors. A logline should convey the main character, their goal, and the obstacles they face. It should also give a sense of the tone, genre, and style of the story.

A well-crafted logline in a script is essential because it can help the writer get their script noticed and read by industry professionals. A logline can also help the writer stay focused on the main story elements and ensure that the script has a clear and compelling narrative arc.

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