What is abbreviation? I need some abbreviation.

I read abbreviation every day . but I don’t know What is abbreviation? Can any one help me please.
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Abbreviation is the short form of a word or phrase to be used to represent the full form. Abbreviations letter or group of letters used in writing, printing, and speech to represent a word or phrase in shortened form. Abbreviations are used to save space and time. The most common are arbitrary signs or initial letters for the words themselves.

Shortened word forms have been in use since antiquity, and many current abbreviations have come from Latin. Most of the arts and sciences use symbols as abbreviations; they are universally understood.
Why use abbreviation?
Various kinds of Abbreviation:

There are four main kinds of abbreviations:

1. Shortenings Abbreviation,

2. Contractions Abbreviation,

3. Initialisms Abbreviation,

4. Acronyms Abbreviation,

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Brong Answered on March 16, 2016.
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