What is History?

Some people say that “There is no need to learn history in present time.”
That means, We don’t need historical knowledge.
Is it right?
I want to know details about History.


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The English word “History” has come from the Greek word “Historia”. The word Historia was first used by Greek historian Herodotus (fifth century B.C.). He is famous as the father of History. It was he who first of all used this word after the name of his research work whose dictionary meaning is investigation into the truth or research. He believed that history is to investigate or write what in true sense existed or took place. He investigated into different issues of the war that had taken place between Greece and Persia through his research. In this research he gave description of the obtained information, important events and the stories of victory of the Greek so that next generations do not forget these events and these events inspire them and imbue them with patriotism. It was Herodotus who first combined the two concepts. History and Investigation. As a result, History turned into science, became completely information-based and became a subject of research. Actually, never-ending flow of events in human society is called History.

Source_ Knowledge World

Brong Answered on March 16, 2016.
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You have wrong. Because we must need to learn history for acquiring knowledge.

Brong Answered on March 17, 2016.
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Thanks for your questions. Actually, History is the study of the past, particularly people and events of the past.  In study of history we called – History is a study of historiography that was written by the English historian E. H. Carr. It was first published by Cambridge University Press in 1961. 

History is a narration of the events which have happened among mankind, including an account of the rise and fall of nations, as well as of other great changes which have affected the political and social condition of the human race.—John J. Anderson. 1876. A Manual of General History.

Brong Answered on March 20, 2017.
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