What is the cost to make the best solar panels? What is Net-Metering?

Solar Energy System is of two types

An off-grid system i.e., not connected to the grid and is also known as a standalone system. This type of solar needs battery backup for energy use at night and then lights up at night. It does not require battery backup if it is used only during the day. For example, if you use it for 3-4 hours during peak sun to pump water from a deep well for irrigation purposes.

This type of solar power system is mostly in rural areas
Ordinary people are used to working where there is limited / no grid connection.

On-grid or grid-connected system means, connected to the grid through the net-metering process. It does not require battery backup to get power from this type of solar and is, therefore, cheaper than a standalone system. This type of solar power system is mostly used by people in cities and towns.

What is Net-Metering?

Net metering is a billing process that gives owners of solar power systems a credit for electricity connected to the grid. For example, when a solar panel solar power system on a roof produces electricity, the electricity first supplies the owner’s onsite electricity demand, and any additional electricity is supplied to the utility grid. If this solar system produces more electricity than the load is used, the owners get bill credit that can be used to offset future use from month to month. At the end of the month, the customer’s electricity bill reflects the total energy used by the solar system. This process of calculating the total power of the solar panel used is called net metering.

Cost of the solar power system:
Depending on the size of the system and the battery backup required for the system Depending on the kw of the off-grid / standalone system.

Whereas, a Grid-Connected System will cost between 50000 – 904.03 United States Dollar per KWP depending on the size of the system.

Additional costs:

Net-metering process expenses as actuals.

Customized/Elevated structure cost may vary depending on the solar panel size and design.

Finance options:

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