What were Hazrat Nuh (A)’s teaching?

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Hazrat Nuh (A)’s teaching

Hazrat Nuh (A) taught mankind about Allah and spread Deen for 950 years. He called on mankind to the path of Allah. He exhorted people to do good deeds and give up bad deeds.

He taught people;” Have faith in Allah (Iman).Worship one God only—Allah Who is Alone and has no partners. And don’t worship idols. Do good works and refrain from sins. Believe in life after death (Akhirat).” Only 80 men and women responded to his calls and had faith on Allah and became believers. Rest of them ignored him and started to taunt him as mad and tortured him. They remained nonbelievers.

Nuh (A) became impatient of their torture for a long time. At last, he got annoyed and was disappointed and prayed to Allah: “0 Allah! I have tried my best to bring them to your deen but they did not respond. Please help me and punish them.”

We should imitate and follow his ideals of life. We should work hard to spread Deen all our life. We should not fall back from preaching Deen of Allah, even in the face of all kinds of obstacles. We should worship Allah. Should encourage everybody to observe Allah’s deen. If we disobey the orders of Allah, then we will be destroyed and be deprived from Allah’s favour(Rahmat).

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