What you need to know before getting divorced?

What you need to know before getting divorced?

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Divorce is not as simple as any other break-up. Not only do you have to make the emotional decision to leave the person you married, but you also have to think about all of the logistics that come along with it. Although it may seem overwhelming to think about finding a lawyer, examining your finances, and potentially looking for a new place to live, these steps need to be taken in order to move on.

Once you know exactly what’s ahead of you, it’s so much easier to start working toward what you want. So all you need to do is

Hire a Good Divorce Attorney

While it’s easier and less expensive if you and your spouse are able to settle your issues without litigation, if that’s not possible, make sure you have an attorney who’s capable and willing to litigate your case before a judge. You’re basically looking for two things: an attorney who knows the value of settling quickly but who’s also willing to fight for you should the need arise. After that you need to

  1. Organize Your Finances
  2. Establish Credit In Your Own Name
  3. Gather Proof of Income
  4. Evaluate Joint Financial Accounts
  5. Close All Joint Credit Accounts
  6. Set Your Post-Divorce Budget

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Clearly, getting a divorce is an emotionally tumultuous process, but there are some basic things you’ll need to settle before you’re ready to go before a judge. Here are some basics:

Child Custody: if you have minor-aged children, you’ll need to consider which parent they will live with after the divorce. For some couples, this is obvious whereas it’s a struggle for others.

Child Support: this is more about the financial aspects of having children. Obviously, kids need stuff- braces, camp, sports, etc. The child support issue relates to how these things will be paid for.

Alimony: some couples earn roughly the same amount whereas others have very different incomes. Alimony pertains to the financial support one spouse will give to the other.

Asset Division:  this is the difficult task of diving up the assets owned by the two spouses. In some cases, this is a simple process but not so much for others.

These are the 4 main points that a couple needs to make decisions about prior to divorcing.

What you also need to consider is where you will live, how you will afford to pay for your place, etc. You also This is just one of many things to consider prior to getting a divorce.  I hope this helps.

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