Which phone is best, Android or Iphone?

I want to buy a sell phone which have all kinds of modern facilities  but I cannot understand that which is best. iPhone or Android?

In which phone, I will get the better facilities.

Can anyone help me?

Brong Asked on April 10, 2016 in Electronics.
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I think iPhone and android smartphone are good. The difference between galaxy s7 and iPhone in the only operating system.Unless the quality of both phone is very good. Both phones have a stylish look. But when you make this comparison between a low prize android and an iPhone then definitely iPhone is the best choice for you. I am trying to tell some difference between ios and android operating system. The iPhone run on ios operating system.

I think the single greatest advantage to having an Android mobile device is about its customization. The nature of the Android’s phone is open source model and that’s why Google gives third-party app developers the ability to create a wide range of add-on functionalities for android phones.

I can give you an example of Android’s phone customization possibilities that include the ability to install time and weather widgets to your device’s lock screen. You can set or change which specific programs launch certain types of files or you can change the default font. The notification system that comes only with the Android OS and enables users to turn on and off the wi-fi ,Bluetooth , GPS, and audio with this notification system. The Android operating system has a file management system similar to PCs and Macs .

If you want  a smartphone with a highly customizable interface, you should obviously choose android smartphones.
On the other hand, iPhone is more secure than android. In iPhone, you can not download everything from apple store that you found in google play store. Malware virus cannot affect the iPhone. The prize of iPhone is  highear than android. If you a normal user and you want a phone in a low prize, you should buy an android smartphone.
Hope you find your answer.

Thank you

Default Answered on December 3, 2016.
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I think it depends on the type of features and functionality you want in your phone.

Default Answered on October 3, 2022.
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