Why Adsense reject my application?

I have been tried many times to open an Adsense account.But every time Adsense reject my application.I do not know the reason for rejecting my application.I want to know about why Adsense reject applications.

Brong Asked on September 10, 2016 in Google Adsense.
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Thanks for your question. Generally, those who are new at Google Adsense often ask me this question. Why Adsense reject their application? Before answer this question we should think about the fact that why AdSense do this. Mainly google Adsense is a one of the best ad publishers site. They have the highest paying and best quality ads. So, in the process of making their ads best, they set some strict rules and guidelines for the publishers before accept them in their network. Thus they make their advertisers happy.  Actually, for this reason, the advertiser’s company pay so much money for their ads in google Adsense. Then Adsense pays this money to their  publishers. Now I come to the point about the rejection of applications by the Adsense. Some reasons are given below .Please read it carefully and try to understand. Then try to apply in google Adsense.

If your website is new, Adsense will your reject your application.Your website must have at least six months active because Adsense does not want to publish their ads on a new website.
If your website content is too low,Adsense will not approve you as their publisher.Content is the most important that Adsense looks when they review your website.
Adsense always wants to publish their ads on the websites whose have high-quality content on their website.They hate duplicate content.So,if your website content is poor, you have no chance to approve your website by Adsense.
If your websites have inappropriate contents like pornography, violent staff, hate speech, hacking guides, sales of beer or hard alcohol or weapons or drugs, any other illegal stuff or linking to evil sites. Adsense will reject your application.
Some people are distributing malware through their websites.Adsense can’t accept this type of website in their network.There are also many people who do not know if their websites are malware affected or not. So, use site scanner like sucuri in your website.
You must have the enough organic traffic on your website. If your website does not enough visitors  per day, Adsense doesn’t accept your website.You also need quality traffic on your website.
Adsense is too serious about the privacy.So, you have to be sure to include a  privacy and policy page is in compliance with the requirement of Adsense.Without it, they do not accept your application.
Adsense doesn’t like a website having a bad design such as inexperienced site owner, lack of attention to details, spam or black hat website. So, spend much time to remove this type of thing from your website.
You have to use the top level domain of the Adsense program.Adsense requires only those publishers who own top-level domains.They do not like server downtime for this use top-level domain.
Everyone dislikes unwanted site behavior. It means the automatically open popups, popunders or installs stuff when someone browses your website.Adsense hates this. So fix this type of thing.
If you are encouraging your user to click ads by offering rewards or something like that.Adsense will reject you because they want visitors genuinely interested in the adds.
Adsense supports 36 languages.If your content language does not support Adsense, they will reject you.
Hope you find your answer. Happy blogging and keep blogging.
Default Answered on September 15, 2016.
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