Why apple is always better than samsung even after launching Samsung S7?

People says that Apple is always better than Samsung. But I don’t know anything about this. This is true or not. So I need to know about this in details. Please some one help me.

Why apple is always better than samsung even after launching Samsung S7?

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Thank you very much for your questions.  Actually, different kinds of peoples think are different from each other.  Some people thinks that Samsung is better than all other phones, some people thinks that Sony Xperia is better than all other phones and some people thinks apple’s iPhone is better like you.

I also think that iPhone is better than Samsung.  If you think Apple is better than Apple’s iPhone is better to you and if you think Samsung is better then Samsung is better to you. Do you know one thing Samsung makes some of the memory chips and some important boards for Apple.
Samsung has a wide range smartphones from basic to flagships. So in the case of software reliability apple is better than Samsung because Apple has only a few phones to support. Think about that for the last five years how many models that Apple launched and also think about Samsung. Just don’t blindly think that Apple is better. Apple makes premium quality products. It attracts the rich. So it’s just a show-off phone for those who have that. Did you ever used galaxy s6 or s7?? If you didn’t. You don’t know what they are. I’ve used both of them and also used shitty iPhone 6plus. So I know the plus and minus of both. Apple just clearly makeup their flaws. Do you know we can’t zoom the photos upto the end in iPhone like we zoom in other phones. This is called makeup. The reason is that if we zoom more then we know that the camera is shit. And if you want to check that. Do one thing. First, take a photo in iPhone 6 and take a phone in galaxy s6. And then transfer them to a laptop then compare both then only you’ll get that iPhone is shit. So don’t blindly believe that iPhone is better……

Now I have tried to give you some link from where you can see all branded phone so that you can compare from each other.

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Brong Answered on June 13, 2017.
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