Why google Adsense is so popular?

I am a new freelancer. I want to make money from google Adsense. I know google Adsense is very popular. I want to know why Adsense is so popular? I am very curious about it. Please someone tells me about that.

Brong Asked on September 10, 2016 in Google Adsense.
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Thanks for your question. I also agree with you. Nowadays google Adsense is very popular for online income. There are some reasons behind it. It is the best source for business owners, bloggers, and the advertisement companies. Google Adsense allows publishers to customize their ads placement, looks and sizes.Bloggers community try to be a part of the Adsense program. For this, they always try to give their best on their blogs to impress Adsense to approve their application. Google Adsense follows strict rules in the application process  to protect their advertisers from spam.
The reasons for google Adsense popularity is given below. 


Adsense is one of the oldest networks to offer to add publications. It works pay per click  systems. It has thousands and thousands of satisfied customers and ad publishers.It pays on time and every time. 

 One more reason to choose google Adsense is that if we do our work in the right way, we can earn huge amounts of money. Many bloggers are making a complete living from their blogs and google Adsense.
Now google Adsense is the number one choice among all the networks. Adsense paying rates are higher than any other networks.So all bloggers want to be a part of google Adsense. 
These are the reasons behind the popularity of google Adsense. But Adsense makes their approval system very strict.If you make a little mistake they will ban you. So,when you work with the google Adsense you have to very careful about your work. Hope you find your answer. Happy blogging.
Default Answered on September 15, 2016.
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