Why is direct taxation a better form of taxation ?


There are actually a lot of benefits to paying taxes directly, even though it is strongly enforced on everyone who is not exempt. They consist of:

  1. Encourages equity: Direct taxes encourage equality among payers and citizens because they are based on a person’s capacity to pay as explaind by tax law assignment help. Depending on their income, each person is assessed a different fee.
  1. Encourages assurance: Direct taxes have the advantage of being decided and made final before they are ever paid. As long as the wage does not change, the annual tax in the case of income tax is the same every year.
  2. Enhances flexibility: Taxes are the government’s source of income, and as they vary, so do the government’s revenues. They can move up or down.
  3. Saves both money and time: Since taxes are already collected at the point of revenue, the government does not need to spend money on their collection. Some businesses use time and money-saving automatic payroll deduction systems.

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Direct tax regime provides a sense of certainty to both the taxpayer and government. Taxpayers and governments both know in advance the amount of tax they must pay and collect.

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