Will I get fat if I drink beer or cocktails?

I am going to an all inclusive hotel in Cuba this week

It’s all you can eat food
And all you can drink

No charge for food or drink – just the hotel

Will I get fat if I drink beer or cocktails?

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Actually consuming alcohol increases water retention(the ability of the body to absorb water) and also makes our body to metabolize calories.
The result of which, the body stores the calories in the form of “fat” in our body.
From where the fat comes from?
Snacks and meals you eat with or after consuming alcohol. Also, drinks like beer contain more calories than other drinks which makes it official “belly maker”.
What to do?
You should eat light food while drinking beer and a bit heavy with whiskey. It will reduce the effect on our liver and you won’t get fat easily. Make sure to eat a proper meal at least after 1 hour.
By the way, consuming alcohol is injurious to our health, avoiding it would be the best solution.

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In the event that you drink a ton of lager or knock back the firewater consistently, you are at an exceptionally high gamble of midsection fat increase, as well as different other serious medical issues. To limit your gamble of putting on weight, try to keep your liquor consumption inside as far as possible and lead a solid, dynamic way of life.

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